And it’s that time of the year where we all are very motivated about achieving every resolution we’ve set for ourselves. But we know the next thing that comes after setting the resolution. Shelving it for the next New Year! It is like a package deal, isn’t it? 

So…how about breaking this boring cycle and actually reaching these goals for real this year? 

Sounds exciting right? Let’s dive right in and see how we can do it!

We all aim and work to be the best version of ourselves. That’s a very good thing to do. But we all go really harsh on ourselves from the initial stages while trying to reach that destination. That’s where the entire thing goes wrong! 

Ate that big chocolate bar after eating healthy for a week, so why not just ditch eating healthy? Didn’t wake up early for 4 days so let’s just leave the idea of it… the morning sleep is too sweet to give up anyway! Bunked workout sessions for a week. How about taking this month off before joining back? Haven’t we all been there and done all this? 

Giving up because of one small mistake is nothing but self-sabotage!

  • It is quite a task to stay motivated and work towards a goal especially when we are beginners and have been used to the opposite way of dealing with things for a long time. And setting goals that are too good to be true just adds up to the difficulty of achieving them. So, it’s important to set our goals carefully. Our goals should be SMART! Meaning, S- Simple, M- Measurable, A- Achievable, R- Realistic, and T- Time-bound. 
  • No one would ever climb the mountain in the first attempt! And we are no different. Everyone’s graph to the destination is a zig-zag. Expecting to reach the goal without any mistakes or mess-ups would be asking for too much. Accepting this fact is very essential as it would keep us from self-destroying our progress.
  • Relapse is a part of the process while trying to let go of a bad habit and cultivating a new one in its place. And it’s perfectly alright to loosen up in the journey once in a while. You don’t have to disregard your progress and start over each time you give into a craving. After all, we are human and it’s okay to err sometimes! Just be mindful of not overdoing it : )
  • Be compassionate to yourself. Reward yourself each time you work up to a milestone successfully. Some days are just not ours, be kind to yourself on those days. Don’t beat yourself up so much if you are finding it difficult to stay on track. Instead, sit back and think if you’re doing something wrong. Try and tweak your routine to see what works better.
  • Be your own strength! Don’t talk down to yourself if you don’t do things the way they should be done. Don’t judge yourself if your progress is slow. Small progress is still progress. Look back at your journey and see how far you’ve come. You’re already a lot closer to the goal than you’ve ever been. 

Make sure that your graph is always moving upwards even if it’s a zig-zag. Don’t let it come down just because of a small hiccup!

We should remember that dealing with challenges and getting out of them successfully would give us tons of experience and make us stronger and resilient. It is a victory in itself! Restarting our journey again and again just because we want the graph to look like a clean, straight line would get us nowhere. It is a redundant vicious cycle that is so difficult to stop. 

Therefore, it a great idea to make peace with the fact that there will always be setbacks and hiccups in the process of reaching the destination. Only then can we reach somewhere. 

I really hope that these tips come in handy in your quest to live up to your resolutions this year! 

Thank you so much for reading through this.

I’ll see you next week with another article.

Until then… Toodles!

Written by: admin