We all have seen in the past year how the pandemic has changed our lifestyle. Our sleep routines, eating habits, physical activity… literally, everything has gone for a toss. With such a huge shift in how we live our life, it’s almost inevitable that our mental health would get affected. 

Yes. We’ve talked on this blog quite a few times before about the pandemic and how it affected our lives, but it is too big a change to ignore or to talk less about. Plus… this is more of my experience, so I guess it’ll be different. Read on!!

So many recent researches show that people are feeling low, sad, anxious, and stressed than they felt ever before. When I initially saw news or reports like these, I thought these were things just being exaggerated… only until I saw a few things happen in my life. 

Irritated for no reason… very demotivated… just uninterested in everything. Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. You know, it’s just a phase that we all go through now and then. It’s okay. But what’s more important is that we try and find a way out of it. 

And while I was trying to find out the roots of these feelings and what I can do to get better, I discovered that it’s the small things that matter the most! A few parts of my daily routine had the key to how I felt all the while. It is just unbelievable how much they can influence the mind, thoughts, and our existence!

Here’s what I found!

  1. Being a couch potato: The past few months for me has just been about sitting in one corner and minding my own business. With the entire world operating virtually, there has been little or no need at all to step out of our houses and breathe some fresh air. Hours together stuck in one place refusing to move for the smallest things did more damage than I expected. 
  2. Eating irregularly and eating junk: Being stuck at home, nowhere to go and more leisure, we turn to food to cure boredom. That’s what I did too. Hungry? Eat. A short break from work? Eat. Sleepy but shouldn’t sleep? Eat. Bored? Then definitely cook a new dish and eat. Now there’s nothing wrong with eating when you want to eat. The problem is with the regulation of food. And what were we eating all the time? More of sugar, oils and refined flours, etc. Also, eating irregularly and in an undisciplined manner contributed to the swings in moods!
  3. Irregular sleep habits: There’s no need to rush to school or office tomorrow… why not just finish the movie we were watching yesterday! That then moves on to the next movie and before you realize, it’s 2 am when you go to sleep. So many people would agree this is their story. We all take sleep for granted a little too much. Insufficient sleep is actually a very annoying thing and it does not allow us to get through the day smoothly. Many people say that though they sleep late at night, they manage to get a quick nap in the afternoon. But trust me, it’s a cycle you don’t want to get into.  Our productivity decreases, we snap at the smallest of things and feel cranky almost the entire day. I’ve learned a good night’s sleep is very important.
  4. Screens and Internet: Do I even need to mention how much more time we are spending staring at screens and on the internet these days! It’s atrocious!! Well, we all get almost all our work done online but you know what I’m talking about. Social Media!! So much more free time and what most of us do is scroll through our feed endlessly or watch random videos. Spending more time on the internet made me feel so stressed and agitated. It’s just to sleep that we close our eyes now and surely there’s something we need to do about that!

One thing common about all these things is that apart from all the negative effects they can individually have on us, doing them brings an additional sense of guilt with it each time! We all know we shouldn’t be doing too much of all this but we’re just too lazy to do anything about it. 

All our resolutions are about not doing these things and here we are living the exact opposite life. After a point, living that way makes us feel like a loser. It makes us feel like we are just useless and fit for nothing. At least, that’s how it made me feel! It hits us hard on how we see ourselves and how we do anything. 

I wanted to change that about me. And this is not me saying that I’ve conquered it all. I’m still working, I’m getting there. To where I wish to see myself. I have just begun my journey, just made an effort to start. And I already feel better!! 

These might sound like too easy or too normal of things to fix but they make the most difference. I could not believe when I realized that it was exercise that I needed to feel better or that I needed to sleep and eat properly to feel like a human.

I began to move and exercise, eat more timely, sleep and wake up on time and am being more mindful of what information I consume on the internet. Life feels so much better, organized and peaceful and I’m sure this is the order we are all craving for! 

I know all this sounds too boring and clichéd to do. I thought so too. But I saw no other way to get better and feel normal. 

Give these things one wholehearted try and you will know what I’m saying. 

Or if you’ve already tried or have been doing this… nobody knows it better than you! 

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. What do you think we can do differently to deal with feeling restless? Do you know of more effective ways? Let us know!!

Thank you so much for reading through this! I hope you like and find this helpful.

I’ll see you next Sunday with another article. Until then…Toodles!!


Written by: admin