Did you ever imagine that solitude or being by ourselves could be helpful? That side of seclusion is barely acknowledged and we’re going to go through all possible benefits seclusion can give us!

People dread being alone! They’re always looking for ways to stay among the crowd, engage themselves in tasks and activities to beat that loneliness or push the silence away.

To be by ourselves is a skill that we all must develop. It has numerous benefits! It has the power to increase the quality of our life.

Here are a few ways in which it can better our lives!

  • It draws our attention to the most important and yet, the most neglected thing in our lives, ourselves. The time and peace we experience in isolation are priceless. It helps us focus on our deeper thoughts and helps us elaborately understand ourselves. It promotes self-awareness. It allows us to do things that we enjoy doing the most. It is a great opportunity to identify our interests and know more about ourselves.
  • It has the power to give us a true sense of relief that we crave for. The busier we are, the more we can benefit from solitude. It can leave us feeling more refreshed.
  • It is an opportunity for introspection and development. We get the time and space to look back over our actions and decisions and also change ourselves and our behavior if we think it is required.
  • Alone time stimulates creativity. Our mind gets the time to wander and sparks innovative ideas. Many people, especially in the creative prefer having their isolated cabins to do their work as it allows them freedom from judgment and space to try out different things.
  • It enhances productivity. Being isolated from the rest of the world for a while and engrossed in our work is a different bliss altogether. It is a kind of enjoyment many people cherish. We can get so much work done in a significantly lesser amount of time. 
  • Also, spending time in solitude gives us a sense of self-sufficiency and confidence. It enhances our mental strength and self-esteem. Though we as social beings feel the need to socialize all the time, staying by ourselves every once in a while assures us that most of the time “we are enough” and that we can sail through our difficulties even when no one is not by our side. You discover a feeling of independence like never before!

I could go on and on about how much solitude could add to our life but it would all boil down to only one point – it will make our life more fulfilling. 

Now when I say that seclusion is something that we all should embrace and cherish, I do not mean to suggest that social connection and contacts are not to be maintained. That is not even possible and it should never be that way. All I intend to say is that here and there, it is a good idea to check up on ourselves by pushing a pause button onto our social lives. The chaos around us sometimes deafens and blinds us to what our inner voice is trying to tell us and so it is essential to silence that chaos to listen to it!

A great example of this lies in the biggest change we’ve all witnessed in our living – The COVID19 pandemic. It forced us to stay at home and be on our own. It made us do things that we would have never done otherwise. So many people have discovered newer things about themselves and their hidden talents and newfound capabilities. 

Wasn’t pandemic a kind of seclusion from the entire world?

Have we not reaped the benefits of this solitude in some or another way? 

Just give a thought to how different we are today after having gone through this period of isolation. I’m sure we are all an inch better versions of ourselves than we were before this change. 

Isn’t this enough proof to say that solitude is also essential in life?

I truly cherish and crave my alone time every once in a while. It helps me come up with newer ideas, better productivity, keeps me sane on my rough days. 

Try and observe your thoughts in seclusion, work in isolation once in a while, and indulge in your favorite activities by yourself and you will thank me later!

That’s all I have to say for now and I hope you like it and find it useful.

Thank you so much for reading through this and I’ll see you next Sunday with another post. 

Until then, Toodles!! 


Hasita 😊


Written by: admin