“Patience is when you’re supposed to be mad but you choose to understand” – Unknown

Isn’t that true? 

Living in a world where things happen with just a click or at the blink of an eye, we are getting annoyed with the smallest of disturbances in the way things carry out for us. 

Anything that takes a little longer than we expect it to take causes a loss interest in it almost instantly! 

We have adapted and fit in a little too well in the comforts of modern life, that a skill called “Patience” has deserted us.

Let’s learn a little about it today.

Patience is a tool that helps us cope with the challenges of life – both short-term and long-term. It has the power to save us from a lot of unnecessary emotional chaos. 

There are innumerable reasons and instances that we encounter in our day to day lives that disrupts our serenity and frustrates us. The single sock, the fussy kid, a long line, or a late train and another thousand reasons that irritate us every second, but learning to take that one long breath and letting things go the way they are, rather than trying to get everything in our control is all we need to do sometimes.

What we need to notice here is that having patience does not mean living in oblivion to all that is going on around us! It is about being aware of all the ongoings and knowing to act only when it is truly necessary. Usually, we always want to be in charge and have the “hands-on” experience of maintaining everything which might not always be possible. 

This need is the reason behind the disruption of our peace of mind.

Sadly, patience is perceived as a negative trait to have. We feel angry when told to “be patient”.

Just take a moment to visualize a situation that could cause you frustration. Think of the consequences of your reaction to the frustration and when you take a moment and patiently think before reacting. Getting frustrated will only complicate the issue in most cases. Isn’t it obvious that we should be taking the calmer way to deal with things?

Having patience gives us time and space to think before we react. It provides us with opportunities to analyze and come up with better solutions to the problems at hand. 

We are under the false impression that getting irritated or expressing our unhappiness might speed up the process and fulfill the need we are looking for, while it might disrupt and delay the process. We are always talking about feeling liberated emotionally. 

Patience is the only way to get there.

Well, how do we learn to be patient? 

Practicing the simplest activities which are a part of your daily routine could be a great way to lengthen that fuse! Here are a few I could think of!

  • Take the longest line! Yes, you read that right. Take the longest line in the grocery store or the bank and don’t get pushy or hurry up. Take a long breath and accept that fact and use that time to observe the tiny details around you! (Trust me, it’s very entertaining). Or you could catch up over a call with that old friend of yours!
  • Do the most time consuming and boring task of your list first. I know it sounds so “not interesting” already, but going ahead and doing that would make you feel so good about yourself and you surely will gain confidence over yourself.
  • Practice Artforms! Drawing, painting, music, dance, writing – anything that you like. All art forms require us to slow down a bit and pay attention to the details which need a great deal of patience and that is why they might help us learn patience too. Mandala and zentanglle art have been very popular lately. And oh! Do I need to specifically mention how therapeutic these activities could be?
  • Lastly, ask yourself if you can do something about it so that it could gratify your need? If you can then the conflict is resolved. If not, it will immediately dawn upon you that the anger is unnecessary and probably help you cool down a bit.

One moment of patience can save us a hundred moments of regret.

It buys us the time to think and make more informed choices and decisions. Sometimes, we tend to procrastinate things just because they take more time putting us into an entire cycle of stressing over it and not knowing how to come out of it! Developing patience as a skill could just ease all the tension in our life beyond our imagination. It is truly precious!

Try out these tips and you will see for yourself that all this actually makes sense!

Also, if you are aware of other ways that could help with developing patience, do share them in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading through this and I hope you found it useful.

I’ll see you next Sunday with another article.

Until then…Toodles!!


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