There have been innumerable theories on how one can find their purpose in life. A countless number of people have explained ways to discover one’s passion. Thousands of books have been written on how one can make life more meaningful for oneself. 

Yet, the question of finding purpose in life continues to puzzle everyone at any given point in time. No matter how many times it is discussed, it is never sufficient for people to brush it aside.

And today here is another article talking about how one can find the purpose of their life! Well, there’s no prescribed formula that a person can follow to find the answer to that question. It is a different path, a different journey for everyone.

Many of us feel that the spark is missing in our lives. We feel there is no point in anything that we do and this could be because of passion being absent! So many people around us live in doubt and hate the jobs they pursue because they make life decisions in a hurry. After being through what seems to be a useless life, they fall into the introspection to discover the reason for living.

When you thoroughly live and enjoy every moment of our existence, passion is the reason for it, and there ceases your quest for your life. And you found the secret!

Passion gives one purpose in life!

That is why it is important and necessary to find your passion.  The relation between passion and purpose of life is inseparable. When we live a life that is full of passion, when we enjoy every bit of what we do and how we live, everything in our life seems to be more meaningful and we understand the purpose of our existence. We then feel the importance and need to be around because we understand that only we can make that difference in whatever we do!

But how can you find your passion?

Well, you may or may not find your passion if you look for it but you will certainly discover it if you do it. Here are a few ways to find your passion and purpose in life.

  1. Do More! Yes, stop looking for your purpose and passion in books and lectures and get into action. I’m sure all of us have a few activities that we are fond of. Engage yourself in those tasks and explore what gives you happiness. Out of the many activities, one or two would definitely allow you to learn more about yourself and help you identify the things that you enjoy doing the most.
  2. Talk to your people: It is certainly not as easy as the first step to find your passion in life. There’s more to it. One of the things you can do to discover your true self is to talk more often about it to your close family and friends. Take feedback from them. Discuss the things you think you are fond of and learn from them how you can get better or what they think you are good at. Trust me, these talks are most beneficial and can come as a revelation to you. There’s so much you can learn about yourself from others and use that to progress!
  3. Discover your Drive: We all have that one thing in our lives that can drive us to do anything for it. Anything we sacrifice for it does not feel like a sacrifice. Such is our love for it. And that in all possibility could be the passion you are looking for! Discover that. It is that thing in which you forget yourself while doing and the thing that paints the world colorful for you. 
  4. Which world issue do you want to solve? This is one question you definitely want to ask yourself when you are trying to discover your passion. Most of us identify ourselves with one issue in the society around us and are doing small things to do our part. It could be a small charity to an orphanage or weekly service to the elderly at an old age home. You might just be so passionate about it and not be aware. Answer this question and it might just change your life for the better. After that, try and think of what you can do to handle the issue. Think of the possibilities and capabilities of changing that problem into an opportunity for yourself.
  5. Search for many: We always think that the passion in our life can be only one single thing but we could be wrong! There could be multiple things that drive and excite us equally and we love to do and that is totally fine. If you find yourself in the confusion that you can’t decide between two or more things, try to build opportunities out of all of them. There are so many people out there, who pursue multiple activities and are very successful. You could be one of them! You never know what might work for you and so keep your doors open for new things to come!
  6. Try Ikigai: Ikigai is an ancient Japanese practice that allows one to find their purpose. It is an excellent tool that you can use if you are looking to discover your passion. It helps a person to list the activities that they might like to do and weigh the consequences of doing them. This way, one can get a clear picture of how their ideas might work and it will get you out of confusion for sure!

Do at least a few if not all of these and it will take you a step ahead towards fixing the emptiness you feel. The real purpose for anyone’s life is to live it fully and experience every moment of it. It is to embrace and cherish your own journey. This is only possible by pursuing your passion and you will see a world of difference in how your life felt before and after discovering it.

I hope and wish you find yours and begin on a beautiful adventure called life!

Thank you so much for reading through this and I hope you like it.

Happy to share with you all that this piece of writing made it to a  bimonthly-magazine managed by WEQIP – A Mental Health Publishing Platform. I thought you all would like to read this, hence posted it as this week’s blog post.

I’ll see you next Sunday with another interesting article.

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