The gratitude narrative has become very popular in the recent past. In brief, it speaks of identifying and focusing on things that are going right even in the hardest of times and that doing so will give us the strength to make it through the difficult times as well. 

But, this is not going to be another preachy article about what gratitude is and why we should adopt it as a regular practice in our lives. We’ll leave that for some other time 😛 

Instead, this post is going to be about me expressing my gratitude and reflecting upon some things that I’m truly grateful for. 

So The Happy Minds Blog completes one year today and this fact is blowing my mind away! Oh, Man!!! This is a really big deal for me. I seriously cannot believe that this blog has sustained an entire year.

I’m not making this up but I didn’t trust myself for being consistent with doing this when I started initially. I literally thought this is going to be one of those hundred things which we start out of momentary motivation and then throw aside after a few attempts at it. 

But here I am, writing this “Thank You” note to all of you. I’m so sure that this blog would have become dormant had it not been for people like you who take out time to read whatever I write every week. 

My gratitude for you taking out time to read through it knows no bounds! 

I have always been passionate about psychology and mental health and this blog was just my way of pursuing that interest. It was also a way to deal with my boredom because the lockdown had just begun when I started the blog. 

I would be lying if I said that I felt motivated and pumped always to do this because I obviously did have my phases of feeling low and lazy. However, I would instantly be reminded of how the people who read the previous articles encouraged me to keep going, and hence I always told myself that I shouldn’t come complacent and need to express how much I value their time and feedback by working harder. And that thought was the biggest thing that kept me going for so long. 

I don’t know how my writings have helped anyone but they surely have helped me evolve into a better version of myself. I am far more responsible and disciplined than I was a year ago. And I have no one to thank but you for bringing this change in me.

It is so incredible to see how you all show your support in different ways and help me sustain the blog for so long. Some mentors have held me through the process of writing and improving it and continue to do so. Some people share their perspectives and contribute to the guest blogs. Some people drop really sweet appreciation messages and encourage me to keep going. All these things mean the world to me.

And for all that you do, I always try to put my heart into every word that I write and promise to work a step harder each time I come up with something new. 

There are so many more things that I wish to do and I hope that your support will continue to stay by me. I wish that this year will bring in new opportunities and growth for all of us! 

I will say it one last time in this article… THANK YOU SO MUCH to each one of you for reading through everything I write and for reading through this as well. 

I am truly grateful for this experience. 

I’ll see you next week with another article. 

Until then, Toodles!!


Hasita : )


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  • M V Raja

    Writing is an art. Something that you leave behind for others to benefit. It is not easy to keep sharing topics of common interest for this long. That in itself is laudable. I am sure, most of us on this group benefited from your posts.
    Mental well being hasn’t been given its due and your choice of topics sure tickled a few to sit up and take note of the importance of mental health.
    Keep writing coz you make a difference….a positive one in many a lives. Great going

    • admin

      It’s the support and well-wishes of people like you that kept me going for an entire year, Sir. Thank you so much for that!!