Sit back and think about yourself as a person. Grab a piece of paper and try to fill it up describing yourself.

If you do this, you might realize that this task was not as easy as you thought it would be. But self-awareness is really important for all of us.

We all evolve into our own personalities due to so many factors that influence our lives. Categorizing them into two main parts, they are our external experiences and our internal thoughts and emotions. Both these factors play an equally important role in determining our outlook towards ourselves and also towards the world. This implies that we ourselves unknowingly determine a large part of our lives.

This is a bigger power in our hands than we think it is. 

Knowing oneself and working towards becoming a better person contributes extensively towards personal and professional growth. Self-awareness plays a vital role in our development emotionally as well. By the time we reach late adolescence or early adulthood, we all have a self-image, the way we look at ourselves and this has a lot to do with our mental health. Let us see how and why.

Carl Rogers, an American psychologist proposed this vital link between the self and mental health in his popular theory call the “self-theory”. This article is just another perspective on that theory.

There are two important aspects of self-awareness.

First being our understanding of who we are – our “real self” and the second aspect is who we want to become – our “ideal self”.

The ideal self is our role model or who we strive to become. It could also be what people around us expect us to become. We may not be able to reach the ideal self in reality but we can put in our efforts to be as near as possible to that image.

The relation between the real and ideal self influences our thought processes.

A positive relation or congruence between these two images has a positive impact on the personality of the person. Such people feel good about themselves and see the world as a safe and happy place. An example of this is a child who excels in academics and all his other activities just like he is expected to be, grows up to become a person with high self-confidence, and would be more productive and satisfied in life.

Conversely, a child who shows poor performance in his activities is likely to suffer from esteem issues, may not like social interaction, and would mostly prefer to be by themselves.

The incongruence between real and ideal selves is one of the main causes of the problem is people who suffer from mental health issues. 

This distortion might initiate problems like anxiety and depression and bipolar disorders.

These problems of incongruence occur because of situations like difficulty in identifying their self-image or being confused about the ideal self they want to be. One can overcome these problems by regularly practicing self-awareness activities like the JOHARI WINDOW.

Involve your friends and family while you do these activities and you will surely learn something new about yourself each time. These activities also provide one with the scope to work and develop the traits that one would like to have. It can bring a world of a difference in one and put them on the track to achieve all that they what.

It is surprising how much impact self-awareness can have on lives and the power to design our future lies in our hands.

We are often told to believe in ourselves in our difficult times. It is just a statement of reassurance or moral support but a fact that has worked wonders in many real-life situations.

Therefore, it cannot be more clear that being completely conscious of one’s own psyche is the first step to success.

I really wish this article motivates you to think more about yourself and indulge in self-awareness activities. Do let me know what you think of this concept in the comments.

Until next time…Toodles!!

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  • Jagjit Singh

    Great article. Brings self awakening.

  • Avasarala Venkata Satyanarayana

    Too matured article written by Hasita. I am thrilled really. Sometime back i happen to go through Johari window analysis. Four windows are really amazing to know about Fullperson (like full moon) , i wish Hasita a bright and successful career and peaceful and meaningful life ahead. My blessings to her in abundance.

    • Hasita Ivaturi

      Thank you very much uncle! This is only my humble effort to share my learnings. Will work harder to keep this up!

  • Phani Suhas Tulsi

    After reading this,I think I should have taken Life Skill classes in our 10th seriously.Maybe I should have understood the importance of self-awareness and should have started working towards it a long time ago.I will now work on making myself aware about myself more seriously.Thank you for making me realise why it is essential to be aware about yourself.

  • GK

    Wonderful write up. Keep it up

    • Hasita Ivaturi

      Thank you very much uncle.

      • veenachandramohan

        Excellent job, God bless you to have wonderful parents and gurus right from your younger age, for they’ve instilled the values which are much needed to pursue the right things and which has brought this wonderful research pay its value. I admire and continue to respect and acknowledge your dedication, discipline and love for your work. Hearty congratulations and keep it going and looking forward for many more.

  • Nitin Hoskote

    Beautiful. Keep it up my child. Great ideas great thoughts. You have done lot of reading that gives you new thoughts to pen down. Hats off. Proud of you..

  • Sai Teja Baswaraju

    This was by far the most useful thing I have done in quarantine. This article somehow changed the perspective of me lokking into my life. Thank you for the article and keep it up.

  • Joseph Idichandy

    Very good thought process. Great initiative. All the best

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    Awesome write up Hasita May God bless you with more and more success in the future Beta

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    Hasita, Very deep and profound thinking for your age, may the collective grace of gurus bless you with deep knowledge, wisdom which can be shared with everyone for their well being – Well done and keep up the good work. G – SATalks.

    • Hasita Ivaturi

      Thank you very much sir! Your blessings and guidance is all I need. I’m happy and grateful that you wrote..It really means a lot to me : )

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    Such a great information! Self awareness and development… this is next level. God bless you…

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  • Satya Gangadhar Boddapati

    In every human being there are two characters. The one will see the world .. and the other will talk to him within. Those who represents the inner character will be identified as a real person. That would be his reality. We need to find out the real man within and live in such a way to leave a mark of our own character even after our exit.

    I wish .. my dear kid Chi. Hasitha will grow in her career and reach Great Heights with her intellectual prosperity. Best regards.

    • Hasita Ivaturi

      I wish there was a better word than thank you to express my gratitude! Thank you so very much uncle..all you support and encouragement has pumped me to put in all my efforts to work harder..

  • K.L.Srivastava

    It is a very nice article on self awareness and growth. Congratulations, Hasitha for this. Best wishes for your work on Human Potential, Self Concept and Mental Health. Hope to see more of your articles in the coming days.

    • Hasita Ivaturi

      Thank you very much sir! I’m blessed to have mentors like you..You and CSIM have motivated me to do all the work I am doing now! I have been writing regularly for the past two months.I will definitely put in all efforts to keep this going sir!

  • B. Anantha Padmanabha Char

    A very nice analysis and keen observation of human nature explained in brief but with elaborative. Yes, the mankind is depending upon the positive attitude and negative attitude which only carve the human being to be useful not only for self but also to the Society. I heartfully appreciate for her deep and educative analysis. I wish her all success in her career ahead.

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  • Renuka R

    Good work Hasitha. Keep writing.

  • Anu K

    Well-written. I’ve been practicing self-acceptance for a few years now, which has definitely boosted my productivity, by which I’m able to capitalize on my strengths and also accept my limitations. Adding awareness to it would help us get closer to the elusive zen state that we all strive for.

    • Hasita Ivaturi

      Thank you very much for writing! Your experience you mentioned here is something to learn from. All you appreciation drives me to work harder towards what I’m doing! I post a new article every Sunday

  • Rajalakshmi

    I loved reading the article. Best of luck.