When you first hear the word “Psychology” what are the words or images that flash in your head? Mad People? Mental asylum? A person trying to hypnotize you with an oscillating device? Face and Mind reading?

Well..the list may just go on…but I’m sure most of us must have thought of something in similar lines. And it’s neither wrong nor right that we thought of all these things though Psychology is not only about this. SO this answers the title question that Psychology is NOT only about dealing with mentally ill people!

The images and descriptions that we thought of in the beginning are the examples of how Psychology is perceived in the society for a very long time.

But it is so much more than just face reading or hypnotizing!

Psychology is most simply defined as the scientific study of human mind and behavior. It is about every single thing we do in our lives including basic things like what colors we like or even about the bizarre things we dream of!!

Psychology can tell you why you dreamt of playing hide and seek with your dead great-grand parents along with your best friends at school!! Isn’t that interesting?

This implies Psychology can be applied to a wide spectrum. It is applied in fields ranging from education and healthcare to the most recent artificial intelligence and most complex areas like defense strategy planning. Using Psychology to deal with mentally ill people is one of the most common and most important applications of this subject but it is not confined to only that area of service.

Psychology on the whole aims to ultimately benefit the existence of humankind.

Some basic knowledge on human behavior can also ease up our daily life interactions. Knowing what factors influence behavior will also help us understand and react accordingly.

You would understand why your dad was cranky when he came back from work and became mad at you for asking something!!

When you understand that this behavior was because of a rough day at work and he didn’t really mean to shout at you would really save you from the pain of his unintentional anger!

Isn’t it is useful for even normal people like us to know why humans behave the way they do!!

Now you might also have questions about the scientific reliability of Psychology as a subject. Human behaviors are unpredictable because every person is unique and very different from one another. To answer these questions and challenges, pioneers from the field have always treated and approached Psychology just like another science such as biology or chemistry. They have always experimented with their hypotheses and thoroughly studied the results obtained. A theory or a statement about human behavior is only made after proper research is conducted. Of course, some marginal individual differences always exist considering some other important factors influencing their reactions.

On the whole, the scientific nature of Psychology is largely justified.

Though Psychology as a science has been developing only recently, it has already served many purposes to make our existence easier and more sensible. Yet there is a long way to go. It always aims to help us progress in whichever way we want to. So lets, make use of it the better way.

I hope this article has given you a new insight into Psychology! Please do share your views and suggestions in the comments or via contacts.

I’ll see you soon with a new post! Toodles!!!

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