You probably got angry this morning because someone cut you off in the traffic or kept you waiting for what seemed like an eternity. Maybe it got on your nerve that your kid spilled milk on the new sofa in your living room!

We all feel anger at times, but many of us experience more anger than required quite frequently.

The list could be endless on how many ill-effects fits of anger can have on our lives and that’s exactly why we need to be more cautious about keeping it under good control.

In the previous article, we saw the different ways in which we express anger and how it is unhealthy for us. Today we’ll know more about how we can keep it at bay. 

Anger management techniques are like small and efficient tools that come in handy when a situation seems to be getting out of control. We can use them to control ourselves from a fit of rage in a given moment or to work on increasing our overall tolerance in the long run!

Here are a few simple and effective ways to manage the anger that can come in handy when we need it most.

Relaxation: As obvious, cliched and boring it might sound, relaxing is the first thing you want to do when you feel the rage rising inside. It could be as simple as counting to 10 or breathing deeply several times and it’ll help you maintain your composure. Try it next time you feel angry and you’ll see for yourself how it works!

Occasionally, the annoyance keeps piling up for days together. It adds up to the stress we already have and makes us feel restless. In such cases, one can try and use methods like thought-stopping, visualizing peaceful situations (meditation), or engaging in any other activities that one finds relaxing like listening to music.

Thought-stopping refers to deliberately stopping your mind from thinking about anything that causes the emotion to rise.

Also, indulging in a relaxing head massage could be really helpful in managing the emotions after a long, stressful day at work.

Rational Restructuring: This method is about analyzing the situation rationally or logically. Taking a minute to understand the causes of the problem and consequences of any reaction could save you many moments of regret that could have occurred because of making a hasty decision driven by the emotion.

Try to replace negative inner dialogues criticizing yourself. They are very demotivating and hinder your willingness to improve.

Better Communication: We already saw how we resort to unhealthy ways of expressing our anger by saying hurtful things indirectly or throwing tantrums around and how it is of no use at all. Communication is the key to solve any complication. The simplest and easiest way to get rid of our anger is by discussing the concerned issue with another person who causes it.

Try and tell them the problem you face and also pay good attention and have an open mind to understand what they are trying to say. Finding a solution together as and when possible is the easiest and best thing to do.

Constructive Behaviour: Anger produces a lot of energy which when suppressed causes serious health issues. To avoid this, one can try to redirect this energy into activities like sports or art. 

They have a therapeutic effect on our minds and are very efficient in helping one gain control over their emotions.

Increasing Tolerance: Practising activities that require a lot of patience to accomplish can aid in increasing our tolerance manifold and help us in staying calm for a long period of time.

Stand in the longest line the next time you visit the supermarket or try drawing mandala art! They might just lengthen your fuse.

Well, everything that I mentioned in this post is known to most of us. Nothing new about anything written’s just that we lose sight on these simple and easy things that maintain the balance in our lives.

Do you know of any other ways to tackle the temper? Tell me in the comments!!

We’ll meet next Sunday with another post.

Until then…Toodles!


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