Happiness… a word that describes one of the most important emotions expressed by human beings. We all want to be happy. More so, the greater purpose of most things we do in life is to be happy.

And how do we define happiness?

For one, it might be getting that high-paying job, for another buying a luxurious house. One more may define it as achieving their ambition. Clearly, happiness and its definition are very different to each one of us.

But there’s one thing common…

that most of us define happiness synonymous to being successful or achieving our goals and ambitions. Does happiness really have something to do with all these things?

Ofcourse, we cannot deny that achieving what we had dreamt of and worked so hard for, can be the epitome of our joy and can add to our happiness exponentially.

Yet I argue, that it should not become our definition of happiness!

There are so many things in our life that make us happy everyday and we don’t recognize them. Sometimes, the happiness brought by those things is matchless to being to successful or wealthy.

Now, you might be thinking about why it is wrong to attribute happiness to these things.

Well, it is not really wrong, but by doing so, you might just be denying yourself of so much more joy. There is some significant amount of uncertainty linked with future and connecting happiness with those events which are yet to happen is also uncertain to give you your joy.

There are so many examples of people who have been successful in life, but their success could not buy them their happiness. We have seen so many people who feel empty and restless even after reaching the top of their world.

Deepika Padukone..one of India’s most successful actors had to succumb to depression!! Her money, fame or success could not save her from being in pain.

Isn’t this the best example to say that associating happiness with all these things is not very wise?

We always search for happiness in the external world which is sometimes not in our control. And when we fail to find happiness in those things, it adds to our problems like anger, stress and anxiety.

Working towards our ambitions is totally right. No two ways about it! But sometimes we get so consumed by them that we forget to take a pause and live today.

Think of the last time you forgot yourself playing with a toddler. Wasn’t it wonderful? Remember the peace of mind you experienced while sipping your hot coffee by the window, when it was raining outside? It’s amazing how we think no more of anything else when we are completely engrossed in an ecstatic moment. And, that is the real happiness we all experince.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Our yesterdays are gone and no one has seen tomorrow…TODAY is all we have, to live. Making the most of today in doing everything we want to along with living in the small things of life can give us all the satisfaction and contentment.

We may not be able to choose our external situations, but we can definitely choose how we react to them. When we decide that we don’t want anything to affect us negatively, nothing can take away our happiness from us. Ultimately all our world will be filled with bliss! Is this not what we all want?

Well, that’s all I have to say for this talking point and this is only one perspective of describing happiness. Tell me how you would describe it in the comments below!

Signing off till the next post..Toodles!!!

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  • Phani Suhas Tulsi

    I would describe happiness as making the most of Today.As someone said that tomorrow is a question paper and yesterday is a waste paper,for me working towards our goals and spending as much time possible with my parents and friends makes me stress free and happy.

    • Hasita Ivaturi

      Thank you for sharing your view! I’m happy that it is on similar lines with what I’ve tried to explain in the article.