Don’t understand what do I wake up to every morning, quipped a neighborhood youngster who just started his professional life. I feel frustrated killing time at home, remarked another student in his final year of graduation.

Coming as it does from these youngsters who are just at the threshold overseeing their future, makes me cringe as to what makes them so listless.

These are words that we don’t even hear from people who are in the evenings of their life when they have seen it all and done them all. Not knowing how to utilize the luxury of abundantly available time is a crime, to say the least. Even people who have attained pinnacles of their careers find something else to keep them engaged.

Why then do we find some youngsters crib about not knowing what to do? Why are they throwing in the towel so early in their lives? Why aren’t they able to motivate themselves into exploring newer pastures? Why do they take solace in self-pity? I don’t mean to generalize but a major chunk of the youngsters that I interacted with, have a very low attention span and wish to get everything super quick and on their terms.

One point that I can think of, is low adaptability and lack of a decent adversity quotient.

Many of the millennials and Gen Z category have not been through serious adversity and have largely been fed with success and tips on how to handle that. They have rarely been tested with failures and have not had the habit of taking no for an answer.

While this in itself is not wrong as long as it pushes the envelope to achieve more, sulking on the slightest adversity could turn catastrophic to the extent of driving one towards insanity.

We harp on having IQ, EQ, SQ, and all other Q’s. Have we worked enough on the most important and Avant-Garde of all Qs….the adaptability or adversity quotient?

A person with high adversity quotient is someone who can stand ground in a job, profession, education, etc in spite of adverse conditions or unfavorable circumstances.

These are people who can adapt to drastic changes in an organization, such as changes in management, sudden cost-cutting measures, and being assigned heavier workloads.  This is why we often hear questions during interviews on what problems you encountered during your work environment and how you handled them.

I do not mean to suggest that one should sacrifice personal well-being for the sake of being strong but make sure you stay relevant to the circumstances than sulk over the adversity. Try delivering results or acquire new skills instead of getting into a comfort cocoon and curse the adverse conditions.

It is like taking a situation under one’s control than getting controlled or overawed by the situation.

All other factors remaining constant, I would prefer a person with a higher AQ over others as my man Friday. These are people who carry tremendous grit in their armoury and have the ability to camouflage into any situation and bail themselves out of it.

These are people who are not obstinate but adaptive. They can handle success and failures alike and turn all locks of failures as treasures of success to be opened with keys of new skills. They do not brood over closing doors but work towards creating new doors for others to open.

How good is your adversity or resilience quotient? Do you stand strong and fight the odds or sulk and get sucked into the high tide? Please share your thoughts.



Written by: admin