Indian culture and traditions have always promoted the well-being of the human race. Every ritual in each of the festivals and celebrations carry their own significance and importance. 

Be it Dussehra, Diwali, or Holi, festivals have always been about coming together as a community. These are times when people cheer up and rejoice no matter how they feel or what they are going through the rest of the time owing to the good wishes we all share among ourselves. 

The various festivals that we celebrate give us opportunities to build and nourish strong relationships with everyone around us. It gives us a feeling of belongingness to a group, a society – one of the most important of needs to a human being. 

The idea of celebrating with our near and dear ones and wishing each other well is a reassuring fact that there’s always someone to support us and just brings forward a healthy spirit of peace and prosperity in togetherness. 

This culture largely helps people deal with emotional turmoil or any other tough situation because of our deep connections with several people. An enriching social life equips people with high emotional endurance and helps them deal with their problems in a better manner.

Apart from this, festivals are an excellent way to unplug from the monotony of our work lives and give us a chance to indulge in spending some quality time doing our favorite things and not to forget, eating our favorite food!

All the pujas, havans and so many other activities that are done as a part of the occasion have innumerable physiological benefits along with the fact that they are largely directed to the well-being of mankind.

These processes have been a part of our existence since ancient times and have served us well beyond measure. 

Owing to the fast-changing times that we are living in these days, all these traditions and rituals are also being modified according to our convenience and lack of time. Consumed too much by our work and other commitments, these festivities are now just considered a simple day off from work (“officially”, while informally we continue to work even on these days!) and cooking a special meal.

Well, this is certainly not about criticizing everyone for not following the customs and rituals but is about our reducing connect with everyone! 

Take a moment to think and you will realize immediately that we all are not as rooted and connected to our people as we would like to be. Don’t we all always complain of feeling lonely, or bored, or just so clueless about our lives? It could be the absence of interaction with the people of our choice and sense of supporting each other morally. 

Maybe you just need to go and visit your uncle whom you last saw at your cousin’s wedding! Or maybe just call up your friend from college and talk casually. 

Doing things as simple and small as these could probably boost your morale beyond imagination especially when times are tough like now.

Festivals are all about friends and family, celebrations, gifts, good food, and loads of fun!! Let’s not confine them to WhatsApp messages or Instagram stories (it’s nice to wish that way but not only that way!). 

We would all unanimously agree if I said 2020 has indeed been a rough year for every one of us and we all have been through hardships a little more than ever before. It sure has dampened our spirits!

What can be a better time to brighten up than now with the festive season right here!?

When times need us to distance physically, getting closer emotionally and bonding more often is a great idea.

Check up on all your family and friends and wish them whole-heartedly this Dussehra and Diwali. It would not only make their day better but also make you feel so good!

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Dussehra! May all of us be blessed with good health, prosperity, happiness, and peace in abundance. I hope this festival brings you all the joy and good fortune of the world.

Thank you very much for reading through this and I hope this cheered you up!

I’ll see you next Sunday with an interesting article.

Until then…Toodles!!

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