We spent the majority of 2020 feeling worried and anxious about how our lives will change post the pandemic. This uncertainty continues to haunt us. But just imagine how exhausted we’ll feel because of this endless stress that is bothering us indefinitely. Maybe are already on the verge of breakdowns and burnouts. And that makes it really important for us to know how we can create that much needed inner peace.

Read on to find out a few ways in which you can create some calm within yourself when things seem to be getting out of hand!

  1. Acceptance and patience: Acceptance is about acknowledging the fact that we are going through a rough time. Identifying the issue may allow you to explore a few ways to resolve the issues. Panicking and worrying about the issue may not get us anywhere while holding on and being patient can. They could help you look at things differently.
  2. Introspection: Taking some time off to understand what thoughts occupy most of our mind space could make a huge difference. Doing this, you may realize that the problem might not be a big one and your mind is playing tricks on you by exaggerating it! They could be distorted. Our mind is always waiting to show you that you are doomed and everything is falling apart at the smallest of chances. Trying to pay attention to the current moment and living in “now” is the best way to deal with all the anxiety and restlessness that comes from these thinking traps!!
  3. Relax your body: When we find ourselves leading into situations that we don’t want to find ourselves in, our body has instant reactions for it. We being to sweat, our heart beats faster, we feel breathless and there’s a storm of thoughts in our heads. We are basically panicking and this is where things begin to complicate. Learning to not give in to this panic may change the game for us in such circumstances! Try and find out ways that can help you reduce the physical arousal first. It could be as small as grabbing a glass of water or just taking a few deep breaths. Meditate for a few minutes or listen to music. Calming the physical arousal could be so helpful because it can keep us from making impulsive decisions and help us assess reality to make more informed choices!
  4. Face it: The most common thing to do for many of us when we are at the face of the problem is to try and ignore it, push it under the wraps or pretend that it doesn’t exist till it can no longer be hidden. And we all also know that it complicates the issues further. Why then should we just push it away till it becomes bigger? Why not face it immediately and get done with it!? We may not pay so much attention to it but it becomes a source of constant restlessness and anxiety in the long run and an enemy to our peace of mind. Maybe we just need to face the fear to see that we can emerge victoriously. Also, it’s always a better idea to sort out things as early as possible. So why wait!?

And finally… I can’t stress enough on this, but if you don’t trust yourself then no one else will! Be your source of strength and motivation and pump yourself up saying you can do it each time a hardship comes your way! Obstacles are a part of everyone’s journeys and facing them bravely is the only way out. What’s more important is to make our way out more peacefully and with more composure and these are my two cents on how we can do it! 

I really needed to look out for a few ways to calm myself down and so I thought of putting it out here for you all as well.

Please share what more you would do to calm yourself down in any situation, I’d love to know!

Thank you so much for reading through this…and I’ll see you next Sunday with another post.

Until then…Toodles!!

Written by: admin