We all thought it was going to be an unexpected stay home vacation when the government initially announced lockdown. Though we were scared of the situation around us, it seemed like a good opportunity to spend some quality time with our families and indulge in fun activities while staying home! But, little did we know that there was something more stressful in store for all of us. The 21 days finished and the need to stay indoors has only increased ever since.

Weeks together continue to fly by and we are being eaten by the monsters of uncertainty around us.

The pandemic has taken the world by storm and there is doubt and ambiguity around everything in our lives – getting back to schools, colleges, graduating, finding a job, fear of losing an existing one, finances, rents literally everything! And it simply seems like there is no end to all this confusion. Could we have ever thought even in our dreams that the thought of taking one small stroll in the park would sound stressful and that we would become skeptical about it?

Such are the situations we live in today.

We as humans naturally tend to worry and get anxious over our future even without any major problems and today’s situations have made it more difficult for us!

Even the smallest things in our lives today require us to think carefully about them to make a decision. And this has undeniably taken a toll on the state of our mental wellbeing.

We all share some special bonds with certain people in our lives apart from our families who are very important to us and who stand by us at all times. The pandemic has prevented us from meeting people more regularly and this also has been a concern for many of us. The obscurity of not being able to see them more often is also a reason for depleting mental health in many people.

So many surveys since the breakout of the virus have been showing that people have been feeling low and bleak for several reasons mainly attached to the consequences of the pandemic.

Like it is inevitable for us to follow the precautionary measures to save ourselves and our families from the virus, it is equally important and necessary to keep a watch on our emotional wellbeing and take care of it too.

And by talking about taking care of mental health, I don’t mean following long and intense meditation routines or something. Well, if the idea of it sounds good to you, then nothing like it! But I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It could be the smallest gestures in your daily life like enjoying a hearty conversation with your parents over a cup of coffee. That can be equally therapeutic. Here are a few ways that I thought would be effective to battle the pandemic stress.

Communicate: One of the most important things we all need to do today is to keep in touch and build a stronger bond with our loved ones. While the coronavirus requires us to maintain physical distance socially, we can absolutely strengthen our relationships and establish the fact that we are there for our people when they require us the most.

Routines: The fact that most of us have been staying home these days has built some pressure on all of us to be more productive. To counter this, you can draw some daily routine for yourself. Treat your house no less than a workplace and follow your routine strictly. You will see a difference for yourself and that satisfaction it gives is priceless.

This concern can also be addressed in another way. It need not be a full-fledged daily routine if you wish so. Instead, it could be doing one single activity religiously for a significant time and this can also give you unparalleled satisfaction.

Learn More: there is no better time than now to learn and expand the horizons of our capabilities and we should make the most of it. It could be learning something that enhances your professional prowess or something that is of your interest like a hobby. Doing so could feel more fulfilling than one can imagine and it would always add value to your resumé.

While the current situation has caused us to worry about various things in our lives, it has also brought a positive side with it.

• The pandemic has taught us the importance of our health and has brought us to take good care of it

• It has given us time to introspect.

• It has allowed us to develop more skill sets both personally and professionally

• It has helped us become more creative

• It has taught us to value the little things lot more than we ever did

• It has brought us to appreciate and realize the difficulty and importance of things that we took for granted like household chores.

• It has paved way for us to discover our hidden talents or rekindle old ones

This has surely helped us transform into better humans in one way or the other. Aren’t we all blessed that we could and continue to do many of the things that we wanted to when there are so many people out there who are struggling to get a roof on their heads and feed themselves in these times of trial?

It is the need of the hour to lend a helping hand to everyone around us who requires it.

Let’s be kind to one another and spread positivity!

Thank you so much for reading through this and do let me know what more you’d like to read here!

I’d love to work on them!

I’ll see you next week with another article..until then Toodles!!

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