April is Autism Awareness month, so I thought the last post in April deserves to be the one on Autism.

It is one such problem that is still not accepted as a part of the society and the people affected by it are often ill-treated. This post is a humble effort to destigmatize this issue and normalize autism.

Kindly read-on till the end as I share a beautiful experience of interacting with autistic kids and a few life-lessons we all should definitely learn from them!

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects humans mostly during infancy. It is a chronic ailment and can last for many years. It adversely impacts the nervous system and the overall cognitive, emotional,social and physical health of the individual . It is not completely curable but there are various effective therapies that can largely control the problem depending on when the issue is diagnosed. Usually, when autism is diagnosed within the first 2 years of birth, the treatment given works very effectively. The period from 2-4 years of the child’s age, is very crucial for diagnosis and treatment.

About 1 million cases of Autism are diagnosed in India every year.

CAUSES: The causes for emergence of this problem could be hereditary or difference in the structure and function of the brain. It could also be caused due to pregnant women being exposed to drugs or harmful chemicals or any other health complications of the mother.

SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENTS: The children affected with autism usually find it difficult to understand and use speech to communicate, do activities as the other people their age or understand emotions. Based on the specific problem faced by the child, there are various treatments like cognitive therapy, speech therapy, oral-motor therapy etc.

It takes a lot of strength, courage and bravery for a family to raise an autistic child and we all as a society should appreciate and be supportive of them.

The painful reality is that most people fail to accept such kids as a part of the society and they abandon and isolate them. There is so much discrimination against these kids even in the immediate family. There are so many kids who do not get the required assistance because they are disowned by their parents and families.

Being affected by a disorder does not make a child any lesser and they can still continue to inspire and teach us the most simple life-lessons of humanity and kindness that we forget most of the times. I’d like to share one experience here!!

A recent trip to a special school for the autistic kids changed my perspective of autism forever. Interacting with them for about 2 hours inspired me to become a better person. One might think autism is a disability where a child finds it difficult to communicate or express himself/herself.

But that day with those kids changed the definition of autism for me.

I would say autism may be an issue the children face to speak or do activities as other kids their age, but they are certainly not “disabled” in any way. They might not be able to express themselves in the normal way or the way we are used to, but they definitely convey them in the way they can.

They showed how unconditionally compassionate a human being can be with people around them. Their willingness to share from the little of what they have, their inclusiveness and welcoming nature, their cute and innocent ways of expressing gratitude and the way they live in the moment happily and wholeheartedly are a few things that even we as “normal” people sometimes fail to exhibit getting consumed in our mechanical and self-centred lives.

Being supportive, accepting them as they are, and spreading awareness about autism is the least we can do for these kindest, sweetest, most affectionate and lovely kids blessed with the purest of hearts and souls!

Hoping that you learnt a little something new today, I’ll come up next week again with another post!!

Until then, Toodles!!

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  • Vishal

    Wow…… This is so beautifully written Hasitha. I’m so glad and proud of you that you took this incredible step of educating all of us about the things which we should have known. Hats off to you. Looking forward to reading your other blogs too!

    CSIM batchmate!

    • Hasita Ivaturi

      Thank you so much Vishal! This appreciation motivates me to work harder and get better at what I’m doing. Very nice to hear from you.