“Conquer your fears and you’ll be on the top of your world!” Isn’t this something we all have been told at almost every stage of our lives? And we’ve heard so many of these quotes and sayings as well. 

Randomly, it got me thinking if fear could cause us so much harm each time! Is fear all about creating damage? Is there a positive side to fear?

So I went ahead and tried to learn something about fear. Here’s all that we need to know about it.

Dive right in!!

Fear is one of the most powerful and essential life instincts. It is a feeling that creeps in when uncertainty surrounds us or when we suspect danger or threat to our life. It is that SOS (Save our Souls) button our mind or body hits when we realize that we’ve got to run for life either literally or figuratively!

Fear is a very elaborate mechanism whose ultimate goal is to keep us guarded at all times and it could push us to any extent to achieve that purpose. We must have seen so many instances where people do things that they should normally not be doing and later justify it saying they did it to protect themselves. 

This happens because, when we sense danger, fear almost hijacks the functioning of our mind and body. Our abilities to think rationally, make proper decisions, and maintain emotional balance goes for a toss temporarily. Our discretion goes numb for a while!

Now that is something we might want to work on.

But then, fear exists in our system for a reason and there are purposes that it serves. It alerts us to pay attention to things that need to be addressed immediately. Fear, at optimum levels, keeps us motivated to achieve our goals and targets. It keeps us on track and minimizes unnecessary complications in various contexts!

Also, did you know that we literally invent new fears for ourselves during the course of our lives? Well, now you do!

You know how we come across people who have the most bizarre fears we’ve ever heard of? Some of them are irrational fears called phobias, while others are fears we develop due to some bad experiences as children and they grow with us for the rest of our lives!

Furthermore, we know of stereotypes, prejudices, and other biases that we witness or hold by ourselves. These things usually develop because of some secondhand information that we come across from here and there and they  might not always be true. These are also a kind of fear that we hold against a particular section of society. 

However, that fear is false. 

False fears are fears that are redundant and serve no purpose at all in our lives! Moreover, they just block our way as obstacles and stop us from becoming better in any aspect. Childhood fears in adulthood, phobias, stereotypes, biases are all examples of false fears.

When we put some deep thought into it, we will notice that, most of the time, there is no threat from these groups to save ourselves from and that it is just misinformation wearing a mask called fear! These fears could also have been created in us by others just to scare us off or for other personal benefits.

This is the fear we really need to overcome.

Also, these false fears could push us to be unfair to them because it blocks our ability to be empathetic to them. We would never be able to understand their side of the story and it would just remain a bitter part of our lives.

Real fear could lead us to be very productive. They push us to take challenges head-on and reinforce the fear of failure. Also, it could work wonders on our self-esteem and how we look at ourselves. 

The best way to deal with fear and conquer it is to observe when it serves a purpose and when it doesn’t. This way we can identify our real and false fears. When we know why we are afraid, we also get the power to take any action on it! 

This knowledge of fear gives us the discretion to be aware of our surroundings and take the necessary steps to minimize the damage fear could create. Because we become aware that certain things cause us to fear, we become alert and take time to act on that particular situation by thinking it out rationally than acting in the fit of the moment. 

It would keep us on track to betterment and progress always and I think it is the best thing that can happen to us!

I hope that this knowledge of fear helps you in some way or the other. Thank you so much for reading through this!

I’ll see you next Sunday with another article. 

Until then, Toodles!!

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