Most basic gestures like kindness and unconditional support can play the biggest role in healing a person struggling with their mental health. Here is a fictional tale which shows the wonders kindness and support can do!


“It had been six months since I moved away from my house. 

My family was ashamed to have me and they thought I deliberately behaved the way I did. Everybody called me mad, stupid, crazy and so many more things. All this drained me even more than my actual problem whatever it was. So I decided to move. Of Course, they kept in touch with me and visited me once in a while…but there was nothing more.

It was another difficult morning for me to rise to with all the fatigue my mind and body had been living with for so many months. Every cell of my body agitated to move and pursued me to stay in bed for a few more hours. I had already taken a week off from work giving up to this protest my body had been putting up every morning while I wake up. 

If I hadn’t turned up to work that day, I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore, because I’d be fired!

And, I didn’t want the sadness of losing my job to add up to all the existing pain. There was a war of voices in my head every second..one begged me to go back to bed and another urged me to leave for work to save myself from impending doom. 

The work voice won..so I decided to wake up.

With all the heaviness of the world in my body and my pounding head waiting to burst, I struggled out of bed, pulled myself together, and left for work.

The office was a very hard place for me to spend time at because I had almost messed up all my work relations with my anger and frustration. 

Reasons? None!!

Just unexplained sadness, rage, and fear. I was this arrogant, rude, and cold person for all my colleagues and they distanced themselves from me. There was this new girl who joined while I was away. 

Her name was Megha.

She smiled at me a couple of times when I looked at her and otherwise we both carried on with our work. Four days later, she came up to me and tried to talk casually. I tried hard to talk normally. It was very difficult for me to face people and converse with them. I found comfort in staying alone. She talked for a few minutes and got back to work probably because I sounded cold and unreceptive.

She was one of the nicest people I had met in a very long time. The warmth in her eyes and the smile were the ones I had not seen in eternity. But even before I could experience these happy feelings, the mysterious fear within, overshadowed me. She’d come to my desk almost every day to talk to me.

Few days I’d be sad, Few others frustrated.

There were also days when I snapped at her but she never turned her back on me. She was still as warm and welcoming as ever and her smile never faded away.

It had been 6 months since we met and we became good friends.

I did continue to have my panic attacks, mood swings, and lack of interest in life but all that felt an inch better with her by my side. Not even knowing what my problem was, she patiently tolerated every bit of my emotional turmoil. 

Finally, I confided in her about my year-long mental struggle and she suggested I visit a psychiatrist for a solution.

I was very reluctant initially. She insisted multiple times and finally gave in.

I visited a psychiatrist to discuss my issues and was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I was referred to therapy. I did have my share of ups and downs in the process of treatment especially because of minimalistic support from family but I made it successfully through it only because of Megha.

10 months of therapy had brought a world of a difference in my life.

It not only helped me build my emotional strength but also supported my professional performance. At the end of therapy, the door to my room at the office read “ADITI SHARMA – CO-CHIEF EDITOR” meaning – I got the promotion I had worked so hard for a very long time.

The support, unconditional love, and faith she showed in me are the only reason I’m probably sane and alive today. Her’s was the purest form of kindness I had ever seen or experienced in my entire life. 

She could have chosen to ignore and judge me like others for how I behaved then, but she chose the path of kindness and compassion instead. She gave me the strength and support I needed, to heal, in the most hopeless time of my life. 

The awareness and acceptance she exhibited are something that every person struggling with their mental health craves for and the world would be so much more peaceful and beautiful if we could all be as accepting and kind as her.”

Written by: admin