“I’m going to exercise for 1 hour every day starting this Monday.” 

“Sleeping early from tomorrow. Turning my gadgets off 1 hour before bed” 

“No junk food from the beginning of next month! Only clean and healthy food!!”

Aren’t these all some of the resolutions we make every now and then? 

Well, we all make up goals like these very firmly when we feel motivated at the moment. And how about following these resolutions and reaching those goals?

Oh! That’s something we can have a hearty laugh about! 

Many of us find it hard to stick to our resolutions and patiently work our ways towards reaching those goals. There could be various reasons for it, but they stop us from being consistent in our efforts to reap the results that we desire. 

Today, we are going to see why this happens and what we can do about it! 

So, we all get inspired and motivated to do and achieve something due to many reasons. It could be an internal drive or an enthusiasm that we derive from an external source. We also make elaborate plans, schedules, and blue-prints to reach that target but the spirit just dampens after a while. 


Because so many other circumstantial factors influence what we do at any given point and that might also mean we deviate from our regular tasks or existing plans to fulfill the need. It could also be that we lose the drive after doing it for some time because we realize that it was a bit too difficult than we thought it would be or it was more work than we expected. 

But, that is the whole point! 

We need to identify and be prepared for the fact that only consistency and continuous efforts could help us get somewhere! Which means, we need stronger conviction and resolve when we are setting up goals for ourselves. 

Another problem that hampers our progress towards the target is the fact that we sometimes tend to set very unrealistic goals for ourselves. It seems next to impossible for us to reach those targets, given our current capabilities and other factors resulting in us quitting to pursue that goal. 

Then, is there no way in which we can learn to stay more consistent and achieve our goals?

Of course, there are! Have these few points in your mind while you are trying to get on track to reach your destination.

  • Make sure you completely believe in the goal that you have set for yourself. When you are very confident about the goal and how it will benefit you, the result you are looking for will push you through the harder times and make sure that you get where you want to be. When there is no conviction and we do it only for the sake of doing it, the motivation can break very easily and it becomes very difficult to stay on track.
  • Know what value it will add to you and your life. We as humans tend to look for how doing something may or may not benefit us. If we see that it does not have a value add for us, we choose not to pursue that task. And we identify that something is worth working for, we put in all our efforts for it. Therefore, if you are looking for consistency, identify a goal that you desire to achieve or something that you value very much. The zeal to achieve it will take care of the consistency! : )
  • Don’t give up when you get a little off track especially in the beginning. It happens to all of us. We give in to temptations and laziness here and there but that does not mean our goal is defeated and we need to start over again. We just need to make sure that we don’t give up and keep indulging in those distractions very frequently. Motivate and remind yourself of that desire you craved for or why you started in the first place! 
  • Work on developing patience. These days, we are so used to experiencing instant gratification of all our daily needs and that has made us all very impatient. But that is not how all other things work! For many people, it is the fact that achieving the goal is so difficult and time taking that turns them off and stops them from even attempting to go after it and this approach towards life could be very dangerous. 
  • Many people demotivate themselves by negative self-talk after pursuing the task for a short time and not seeing the adequate result and ultimately put the plan on the back burner. Give yourself and the process some time to work before seeing results.
  • Celebrate your small wins! It is indeed an achievement to stay track for a significant period and work consistently towards the target. Rewards yourself with small treats or gifts each time you reach a milestone. It feels nice to be appreciated and to know that you are getting closer to the destination. It would certainly keep you driven to keep going!

Of course, it is very easy to say all this than do it. But, trust me, I have personally reaped benefits out of following all these tips and keeping myself motivated each time I feel like giving up! And the satisfaction it gives to reach those goals and targets overcoming all the hurdles and dealing with all the deviations that come in our way is priceless. 

Do give these tips a try whole-heartedly and with sincere efforts. You will not regret it! 

I really hope you like the article and find it useful. 

Thank you so much for reading through this. I’d love to know what you think of it in the comments below.

I’ll see you next Sunday with another article.

Until then, Toodles!!

Written by: admin