2020 – A BETTER YOU!

Oh, Man! What a year 2020 has been! We all thought 2020 was going to be our year, we wanted to achieve so many things and reach newer destinations both literally and figuratively. But time had something entirely different planned for all of us. 

And here we are sitting at our houses working from home for the past 8 months!

The world has become a completely different place now than what it was exactly one year ago. Unexpected things surfaced in our lives and changed it for all of us probably forever.

This entire year has been largely about how difficult life has become for all of us so suddenly, about how all the adversities seemed to have attacked us at once, how all the negative things that could ever exist in the world appear to have come in a combo pack. Yet, there is so much that we have learned even from all this chaos. 

Let’s hold on for a bit and pay attention to that today.

  • This year has been a blessing in disguise for us to understand ourselves in detail. We got all the time and space we needed to introspect. We now better identify our likes and dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses than we ever did and most of us have already begun working on all that we ever wanted to.
  • A situation like a lockdown was something beyond our imagination and never in our wildest dreams could we think of the entire world shut off and sitting at home but that’s exactly what 2020 was all about. We suddenly had all the time in the world and so we began exploring and bringing out all our creativity and our hidden talents. (That’s also how I got started with this blog!) We didn’t know we could do so many things until a weird year like this came our way so thanks to 2020 for letting us learn that about ourselves.
  • We all learned so much this year. Be it learning to play that old guitar of yours to building up on some skills that would better your career, we have learned and hence grown. We learned that health is the new wealth and happiness is home. Could we have done it better if there was no lockdown? I doubt it.
  • We built stronger and deeper bonds with our family and friends. Consumed in our worlds and routines was the way we lived until the COVID-19 pandemic hit our lives and broke the monotony. It gave us so much time to spend with our loved ones and have casual conversations with them after a very long time. Thanks to that, we appreciate and value their presence in our lives a lot more today. We feel so happy and blessed each time we think of these amazing people in our lives.
  • Resilience. This was the find of the year for almost all of us. No matter how many curve balls came our way or how many hurdles popped up in the journey, we never gave up. And finally, we are at the end of the most challenging year and waiting to ring in and cherish new beginnings! 

Of course, we cannot deny all the damage that this year brought with it. Thousands of people lost their lives, many more battling to live. So many more people lost jobs, livelihoods destroyed and the economies of world countries shattered. Uncertainty engulfed lives and the vision of the future blurred. 

These circumstances brought humankind together in doing our part responsibly and being kind to one another. This unity gave us the strength to sail through a challenge like this. 

Isn’t this enough proof to the fact that we are incredibly strong than we can ever think of!? Shouldn’t this give us the boost and make us believe that if we sailed through this, then we can face anything!?

So here’s sending lots of good wishes, love, health, and prosperity your way in 2021 and all the years to come!

I wholeheartedly wish and hope that the coming days bring the best and only the best of everything that can ever be. 

Cheers to New Beginnings!

This was my way of looking back and reflecting on the positives of this year to stay motivated in the New Year. Thank you so much for reading through this.

I’ll see you next week…(or may I should say next year :D) with another article. 

Until then…Toodles!!!

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